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17 Facts About The Tube That Will Surprise You

You spend a lot of time down there, but how much do you know about the tube? Brace yourself for excellent after-dinner conversation, courtesy of EE Cash on Tap, letting you tap into the Underground using your phone.

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1. According to Transport for London, there are "in the region of 40" disused "ghost stations" on the network.

Emily Toop / Flickr (CC BY http://2.0) / Via Flickr: fluffyemily

The above photo shows Aldwych Station, which closed in 1994 but is still used for movie shoots and the occasional tour for curious members of the public.

9. The Piccadilly line bends unexpectedly between Knightsbridge and South Kensington stations because excavators couldn't dig through the mass of human bones under Hyde Park.

Hulton Archive / Getty images

It's not unusual either. Pits from the time of the bubonic plague are to be found all over London. Spooky!

10. There are some parts of the Tube which no passengers ever see: Kennington Loop is a circuit of tunnel used by trains switching direction on the Northern line. Trains must be empty to enter.

Sunil060902 / Wikipedia CC BY-SA http://3.0 / Via

It's also believed by some drivers to be haunted, with reports of carriage doors opening and closing by themselves as drivers wait alone in the tunnel. Did it just get cold in here?

14. Many stations’ tile designs tell a story: In Baker Street you’ll see Sherlock Holmes, film sprockets at Leicester Square, and mosaics in tribute to music hotspot Denmark Street at Tottenham Court Road.

Here's something else you mightn't know: You can now tap into the Underground with your phone with EE Cash on Tap.

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