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14 GIFs That Sum Up Your Relationship With The Internet

You probably spend more time with the internet than you do with your family. Thanks to EE, you can cut down on buffer time with their superfast 4GEE.

1. When you start a fight on Twitter and immediately wish you hadn't.

2. When you spend so long on food blogs that you want to eat the screen.

3. Getting up for work the morning after you decided to watch "one video before bed" on YouTube.

4. When it just feels like you can scroll forever and not get to the thing you came here for.

5. When you've just read a great article, and then you read the comments.

6. When you're trying to concentrate on your work, but the internet exists.

7. When someone is WRONG on the internet.

8. Your entire relationship with the internet when it's working.

9. Your entire relationship with the internet when it's not working.

10. Getting to a great bit on iPlayer, and then getting the wheel of death.

11. Your relationship with the internet when you're at home for Christmas, away from your mates.

12. When the RTs and Facebook likes start to roll in.

13. How happy the internet makes you feel.

14. And your face when your webcam spontaneously appears in front of your browser.

Don’t suffer with Bufferface. Love the internet even more with superfast 4GEE.

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