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12 Things Only London Commuters Will Know

It only takes one tourist to prove that there are just some things only London commuters know. With EE Cash on Tap, you’ll have one more insider trick up your sleeve – touching in with your mobile phone.

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1. When trains go wrong, it is every man for himself. / Via

Sorry, but there are only so many seats on this rail replacement bus. It's nothing personal.

2. The tube map is in no way geographically accurate.

BuzzFeed / Via Thinkstock

It takes years to figure out that Goodge Street and Tottenham Court Road are basically the same thing. Tourists will spend upwards of 30 minutes trying to get a train between them.

3. Sometimes, the train just doesn't stop, and you don't even have enough energy to be mad about it.

Robbie Khan / Via

It's okay to be late in London. Other Londoners get it.

4. It doesn't matter how many bags of shopping you have or what shapes you have to contort yourself into: you MUST stand on the right. / Via

Non-Londoners will never truly grasp how non-negotiable this is.

5. The only seat worth your time on the DLR is the front because you are the driver. / Via

Nothing else is even remotely acceptable. You'll wait for the next train if you need to.

6. In South London, trains turn up when and if they want to turn up. / Via

If you live in Gipsy Hill, you just have to be OK with this.

7. The door buttons are just a test to alert people to the presence of a tourist. / Via

A tourist will always press the button.

8. London has never seen snow before. / Via

Or at least that's how it acts. Every year. (Or TREES or RAIN.)

9. There is a zen state, almost like stasis, that you enter between the hours of 4pm and 7pm on the tube.

Sirens Media / Real Housewives of New Jersey / Via

You have no personal space, and your nose is in an armpit. But if you keep calm, you can get through this.

10. Only a seasoned commuter knows how to be on a bumpy, old train and do mascara at the same time.

iJustine / Via

This hasn't happened in years.

11. Sometimes it's just easier to get the tube from Tottenham Court Road to Oxford Street than it is to actually walk down Oxford Street.

Saban Entertainment / Via

The tube is a magical machine.

12. A single empty seat is empty for a good reason. / Via

Do not sit down. Rookie error.

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