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Your A What?

Generation Beauty Los Angeles in literally 7 days away & I am preparing for one of the greatest experiences of my life. I attended my first Generation Beauty event in San Francisco when I was comped a ticket for being an IPSY OS member in the beauty community. I was excited, I couldn't believe it & was so nervous because I did know what to expect when I met with brand representatives from major companies such as Shea Moisture, Tarte Cosmetics, Dermae, GHD Hair & Luxie Beauty. I know what you are thinking; who is this woman & what rock was she hiding under because I have never heard of Beautiful Beat Stylist. So how did I get comped Generation Beauty Ticket? Let's begin when I started this journey. I was a special Education Teacher for 12 years & I had always had a passion for beauty. However I did not find any women who were relatable or for that matter, that I identified with. I mean, here I am 34 years old, step mom of 3, biological mother of 1, married for 6 years & wanting to redefine who I was by a passion that began with trying to find someone like me. So I decided to go to Cosmetology school & begin my journey as a student of a Paul Mitchell Partner School in Hackensack, NJ. I went to school part time in the evenings because I worked as a Teacher during the day. I went to school 6 days a week & did everything a mother & wife was supposed to do at home. This was a challenge & although I was exhausted, the world of beauty made me happy. I graduated a year & a half later & became a licensed Cosmetologist in the state of NJ. I was living the dream but had no idea where this journey would take me. I had the opportunity to work in NYFW & New Jersey's Raw Artist Show. I also worked in a salon & freelanced, however, that did not make me as fulfilled as what I am doing now. I am writing a blog once a week, creating content on You Tube & connecting with people across Instagram, Twitter, Facebook & Pinterest. Not to mention, I became a member of Ipsy OS! So when I literally told some people what I do especially in my profession they usually smile or laugh because being a "content creator" or "blogger" really isn't a job, for that matter a career. So I kept posting videos, creating content & writing for a year. With that being said, I have been personally invited to events where these huge cosmetics & hair brands will interact with "creators" for the sole purpose of creating a bigger brand, knowledge base & increasing their audience. Thanks to the last Generation Beauty, I was able to become a part Latina Space, in which diverse Latina women discuss upcoming beauty events & possible brand collaborations in which women can attend or be a part of. So because I was consistent with creating content & creating a brand for myself within the beauty community, I was able to be involved in amazing opportunities & work with some amazing people. Being invited to Generation Beauty Los Angeles was the highlight of my year!!! So yes I am a content creator & beauty blogger & there is nothing wrong with that. I am proud of all my accomplishments & where this journey continues to take me. So if you are like me & love everything beauty or are creating content, do not give up on yourself or your dream because you never know where it will take you.

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