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15 Tips For Living Like The Royals Do

You've always been a Royal. It's time you started living like one.

1. Being a Royal is all about being yourself, even if that pisses people off.

2. A swanky pad is of utmost importance.

Castles and mansions are good. Anything else is basically a tent, so what's even the point?

3. Always dress to impress.

4. Be ready for anything.

5. Know how to make an entrance.

6. Find joy in the little things in life.

7. Know your limits.

8. Always have an extra phone, just in case your primary phone starts blowin' up.

9. Set aside some time to paint the town red.

10. Make time for the people who really care about you.

11. Never apologize. Even if you should.

But TBH you shouldn't, so don't.

12. Don't be stingy with compliments.

13. Spend some quality time with your family. After all, they're the reason you are who you are!

14. Maintain a healthy sense of humor.

15. And most importantly: always win.

All images courtesy of Lionsgate Television/E! Entertainment Television

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