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10 E! GIFs That Describe You From Friday To Sunday

End your weekend on a wild note by watching E!'s juicy dramas, The Arrangement and The Royals, during their Sunday night lineup

1. When it's Friday at 5 and you and your friends finally get out of work.

2. When you're planning on doing a ~chill weekend~ and someone says, "You couldn't possibly binge-watch that much TV in two days."

3. When you try to cancel plans but your friends won't let you.

4. When you wake up Saturday morning.

5. When all of a sudden it's 3 p.m. on a Saturday and you realize you've been in bed all day. But it's okay because Sunday's the best day anyway.

6. When you tell people you'll show up for brunch on Sunday morning and they laugh in your face...

7. ...and then you actually show up (because, duh, Sunday brunch is awesome.)

8. When bottomless mimosas turns into ranting at your friend about her bad boyfriend.

9. When it's time to watch your favorite show on Sunday night and your friend tells you to bring the wine.

10. When time flies by and finally it's Sunday evening.

11. When it gets late but you're having too much fun so you pretend tomorrow isn't Monday.

Sunday is where it's at. And Sunday is the best night for watching E!'s back-to-back shows, full of scintillating drama. Watch The Arrangement and The Royals, starting at 9 p.m.

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All images courtesy of E!