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42 Rad Dudes In Tech

Are These Dudes Rad? Pretty Sure They Are. They're not the hottest girls in tech, they're the raddest dudes in tech! They're rad. If you don't like any of them, I'll end your life! And if these photos are copyrighted, i'll fight for my freedom! Don't tread on me!

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1. Ryan Lawler

Ryan Lawler is a writer at TechCrunch. He gets pissed at people on the internet and it's rad. He doesn't pull punches! He sits there on Twitter and says PR people are awful people. And he's right. Fuck 'em!

2. Spencer Chen

If you don't follow Spencer Chen on Live, you're a moron! Spencer Chen is a funny guy who knows a lot of random people in the industry. He's the funniest man on Twitter. He's the best guy on Vine. I'll slice your throat if you hate him.

3. James Beshara

James Beshara is a client, who pays me money, but is super friendly and cool and nice. More important, Crowdtilt is awesome. They do crowdfunding to do everything from saving toyshops to boat cruises.

4. Anthony Ha

Anthony is a grumpy, knowledgable fucking firecracker of a guy and it's great to read his works. You are making a mistake not reading them. Get out of my face if you don't.

5. Steve Kovach

Steve Kovach might have beautiful eyes and a smile that will melt butter, but don't be fooled! He'll write cool blog posts that might be readable and genuinely funny and informative! Ahhhh! He's looked down upon when he writes at Business Insider, but honestly he's a really rad guy.

6. Jon Mitchell

Jon doesn't have a job at the moment but is trying to go onto make a blog called The Daily Portal or something. Hell yeah! He's got a sweet beard. That picture of him said "redwall" on it, and that was a rad book about mice that talked like people.

7. Sasha Segan

One time I was at Pepcom and met Sascha and didn't expect him to meet me because I was one PR guy in millions. He remembered me. Then we had a passionate talk about Android fragmentation. As well as him being a smart and talented writer, he's also a really rad guy.

8. Matt Buchanan

Some people see Matt as an overly-picky and kind of hard-to-get-to-know guy, and they'd be totally right. Matt is totally and utterly Matt, he knows his shit, he swims in his shit, he breathes it. He knows what he knows and loves what he knows. He loves coffee. He loves his work. He writes deep and meaningful things and focuses so deeply that it will drown you.

And some people HATE HIM FOR IT. They're idiot moron bitches. I hate them. You should too.

9. Alex Wilhelm

Alex is blunt with his political and technological views. He works so hard it will make you bleed. Literally bleed. And Alex will fight for what he believes in. And write well.

11. Brian Lam

Brian at one point was editor in chief of Gizmodo, and now he's a hedonist who runs the best site to find which gadget to buy. That's Brian's life. He surfs. He says cool philosophical things. He is a truly rad guy.

12. Matt Panzarino

Man, Matt Panzarino. Look at him. Look at that face. He's so cool. He's a rad guy. He chats funny. He's loyal and up front. Just kiss that face of his. Good lord. Those eyes.

13. Sam Biddle

Sometimes I kind of hate Sam Biddle because of something I forgot about but grr arrgh etc. Truth is that Sam is one of the funniest and most talented writers on the east coast, let alone in technology. Also if he likes you he is a good friend I hear so rad on, Sam. Rad on.

14. Glenn Fleishman

Glenn Fleishman is a freelancer who has written most prominently at The Economist. He is the most thorough and technologically-enthusiastic person in the world. Nothing passes him by. He is also loving and giving to many people and super, duper rad.

And he was on jeopardy!!

15. Stuart Dredge

Stuart Dredge writes about apps for the Guardian, one of Britain's largest papers. He is a solid, reliable and funny man who deserves so much praise that it would knock him into a pit of dusty moths. He is rad to the most.

16. Jon Fortt

You don't know who Jon Fortt is? Get the hell out of my face! He's CNBC's lead tech reporter and so many scoops that Cold Stone Creamery is actively trying to headhunt him.

17. Marc Saltzman

Marc does a lot of stuff on Canadian television, writes for USA Today, and is the raddest dude in Canada at all. He knows a ton about tech and how to make it useable for normal people.

18. Clayton Morris

Clayton is on television for Fox & Friends, talking about technology a lot. on Twitter he does it too. He's hella rad. You'd think he'd be a super neo-con who hates people. In reality he's father and a husband and a nice chap to hang with. A rad dude indeed.

19. Rurik Bradbury

Rurik pays me money for his company Unison. Which he talks nothing about on Twitter. In fact he's mostly wry, funny and honest. He makes good jokes. He works things out with people. He runs a legitimate company based on real things. And he runs Fake Jeff Jarvis! Rad out of ten.

20. Dylan Love

Dylan is a funny man and a good writer. And painfully young. He's pretty funny on Twitter. He worked on Letterman. He can write. He's rad as HELL and I will fight you in his place.

21. Alan Henry

Do you know who Alan Henry is? Probably not. Guess what! He's one of the lead writers at Lifehacker, and one of the most influential consumer tech journalists in the world. He's also a down-to-earth and ultra-rad man.

22. Mat Honan

Mat has worked at Gizmodo and WIRED and other places I can't be damned to look up. He drank a galon of grease once. He lost a lot of weight. He's a funny, talented and legitimately brainy writer. I hear he can eat like, eight geese in a session.

23. Dean Takahashi

Dean Takahashi has been writing about games for about 300 years I think. He is constant. Unending. He will never end. He never stops writing. He sends 30 questions to each person who sends a pitch. He writes. He writes. He has this little spinning wheel suitcase and people laugh at it but in fact he's a total genius and you don't even god damn get it because he can carry his shit with him and what do YOU know. He's goddamn rad.

24. Quentin Hardy

Quentin remembers when you used to have to know everything about tech and still remembers it. He's legitimately rad because he is as knowledgable if not more so than the startups or the people who try and pitch him.

25. Don Clark

Do you know what a semiconductor is? Did you know there's an industry of them? Did you know about the deep history of Java? Don knows all of these things and more. He has been around since before there were smartphones or even computers with batteries that lasted more than 40 minutes. He's the terminator of tech. He will never, ever stop doing what he does. He will outlive every blogger. He is the law. He is the Rad King.

26. Steve Balmer

Steve Ballmer is the raddest American alive. Just look at him. Does he give a shit about anything you have to say? No. He's hella rad. He drives busses over canyons and companies into them too and what am I saying I'll stop.

27. Andrew Mason

Andrew was a nice, open, friendly, caring CEO. And now he's done with Groupon. Which is a shame. Because Andrew was and always will be a hella-rad dude, forever.

28. Christopher MIms

Christopher Mims, now at Quartz, the Atlantic's tech pub, is a believable, realistic reporter who also was the first to really jump on phablets. He's also a really nice and deceivingly young man. This is his real picture and not that of a football player from the past.

29. Eric Markowitz

Eric apparently writes for Apparently he writes lots and lots. Thousands of words. Tens of thousands. Okay, no apparently about it. He does. And he's about 23 yet carries himself like an adult. What a rad guy. And look at that picture. Probably on the run from the law for stealing gold.

30. Nilay Patel

Apple has this patent! Nokia has this one! I'll make a vague assumption! No you won't, asshole. Nilay Patel is a lawyer and specializes in this and he reads about things and actually writes sensible posts about them. Rad ones. Get out of my face once more!

31. Elon Musk

Most people, when shat on by a reporter, usually get all quiet and apologetic. Not Elon. He saw data that said "hey, this is bullshit," and he went against it! Sure there're things that are wrong there and I'm not going to discuss them, but it's rad that he even did that. Good on you, rad man.

32. John Biggs

John Biggs may blog for TechCrunch and written blogs about Tech for ages, and a book about it, but what's really amazing is that he's written about the technology of watches with radness that nobody else has!

36. Josh Constine

Josh Constine loves Facebook. He writes about Facebook all the time. Why? Because Facebook is a big company. And he gets into arguments about it, because instead of being some idiot who just writes about them, Josh actually knows a lot about them. That's super rad.

37. Tim Carmody

Tim Carmody has a god damn PHD. You don't know a quarter of the things he knows. He's Tim goddamn Carmody. He wrote at WIRED, now The Verge. He knows things on crazy levels. He's raddest. He's reddest. He's rudest. The dudest.

38. Seth Fiegerman

Seth writes for Mashable, used to write for Business Insider, and yet still writes like a human being. In fact he's a rad investigative business reporter who not enough dudes give enough credit so shut up.

39. Mike Schramm

Many people think there are two tech blogs - TechCrunch and Happy Puppy - and they'd be wrong! The Unofficial Apple Weblog is huge and is so in part because of the work of Michael Schramm. I think this picture is him. If it's not, go to hell!

40. Rip Empson

Rip Empson might look like some sloppy-haired Berkley-ite and you'd be totally correct! He's also a story-breaking and good-writing rad-sauce drinking blunderbuss of words and joy. Look at that face. Look at it. He's like one of the things from Despicable Me.

42. Jim Dalrymple

He plays guitar and runs a very popular and unashamedly biased Apple blog called the Loop and look at that god damn beard if there was ever a radder beard then get the hell out of my FACE.

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