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The Dash 40 Under 40: The 40 Greatest Dashes Under 40 Years Of Age

Forever do we enjoy dashes - things that have the word dash in them - and thus it's critical that each year, we here at Buzzfeed, where I do not work, give adulation to the varying Dashes that are part of this cursed, hellish planet that we are forced to live our worthless lives upon. Here we go.

edzitron 4 years ago

25 Things That Are Me

I say "this is me" a lot, so it's time to pull together a list of things that are me. [Editor's note — This is all us. We are all these things.]

edzitron 6 years ago

42 Rad Dudes In Tech

Are These Dudes Rad? Pretty Sure They Are. They're not the hottest girls in tech, they're the raddest dudes in tech! They're rad. If you don't like any of them, I'll end your life! And if these photos are copyrighted, i'll fight for my freedom! Don't tread on me!

edzitron 6 years ago