16 Ways Mom Knows She’s Doing It Right

Being a mom is a lot of work, but it always pays off. Here are a few ways moms know they’re doing an awesome job raising their families, and to show your own mom how much you care, hand her a nice bowl of Edy’s Light Slow Churned Ice Cream.

1. When your kid chooses a really great motto to live by:

Photo courtesy of Eric Harris

2. When he helps you without needing to be asked:

clogozm / Via Flickr: clogozm

3. When he wants to dive headfirst into that watermelon but he knows gentlemen use silverware:

meghan_gustafson / Via instagram.com

4. When they want to start saving for retirement:

rmkoske / Via Flickr: 67146024@N00

5. When she takes the road less traveled:

jolly_rawr / Via instagram.com

6. When broccoli makes her happier than Gushers:

_littlemissink_ / Via instagram.com

7. When she has a plan for the future:

jojujam / Via instagram.com

8. When he shares:

paraflyer / Via Flickr: paraflyer

9. When they'd rather be outside:

http://sophie.z.j. / Via Flickr: paleolit

10. When they know it's much better to get their own song stuck in their heads, rather than Miley Cyrus's:

edenpictures / Via Flickr: edenpictures

11. When he questions authority:

cinderella0427 / Via instagram.com

12. When he wants to protect his new sister:

bengrey / Via Flickr: ben_grey

13. When he starts practicing for his own children:

© 2006-2013 Pink Sherbet Photography / Via Flickr: pinksherbet

14. When she comforts you by loaning you what comforts her:

aprilfresh01 / Via instagram.com

15. When she reminds you to take the stairs because "it's healthier:"

abbimerrell91 / Via instagram.com

16. And when he educates his teachers:

rimamila / Via instagram.com

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