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Jeremy Renner Opens Up About Fracturing Both Arms In 'Tag' Stunt

Actor Jeremy Renner speaks publicly about a stunt gone wrong in which he broke both of his arms.

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Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: evarinaldiphotography

Jeremy Renner Was Injured On Set, But Not In Filming An Avengers: Infinity War Stunt

Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: evarinaldiphotography

Time reports that Jeremy Renner has suffered a major accident, while filming stunts for an upcoming film, but, contrary to what Marvel fans might presume, the mishap didn't occur on the set of Avengers: Infinity War. Instead, the actor was actually filming scenes for the Jeff Tomsic comedy, Tag.

Tag tells the story of a group of former friends who get together once a year for an ambitious game of tag. Far more complex than the child's game, this version of tag takes place on a global scale.

Considering the plot of Tag, it's easy to imagine a variety of scenarios in which Renner might have misjudged a stunt, resulting in the fracturing of his arms.

More specifically, Jeremy fractured his right elbow and left wrist, though sources report that the Avengers: Infinity War star is keeping bright spirits and is hopeful for a speedy recovery.

Mr. Renner isn't holding anyone responsible for his injuries. Instead, he says the risk of injury is a part of the job.

Jeremy Renner Opens Up About His Tag Injuries

Eva Rinaldi / Via Flickr: evarinaldiphotography

Variety reports that Jeremy Renner is as tough and determined as his Avengers: Infinity War character, stating that his injuries won't affect his filming schedules. Describing himself as a "problem solver," Jeremy assured fans that he would do everything in his power to ensure a fast healing process, so he wouldn't have to rearrange his acting duties.

Speaking of Tag, Renner admits he never expected to injure himself, while filming the comedy film.

"I’m doing a job [Tag] that isn’t really requiring a ton of stunts. It’s not an action movie; it’s a comedy. It just happens to have a few stunts in it," Jeremy said of his new project. "So I don’t have to beat a whole lot of people up or do anything crazy. So it won’t really affect my job."

Mr. Renner did reveal that his Tag injuries has affected his day to day life. The actor, who is set to reprise Hawkeye in Avengers: Infinity War, says he has more difficulty with more menial tasks than in anything he's currently required to do on the Tag set.

"It affects how I get dressed in the morning," says Jeremy. "I can’t tie my shoes, but outside of that and everything else, I can kind of get by."

Tag, starring Jeremy Renner, Annabelle Wallis, Isla Fisher, and Leslie Bibb, is set to hit theaters on June 29, 2018.

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