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14 Signs That You Are A Film Snob

For all those people who say cinema instead of movie

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1. The cinema you go to serves wasabi peas and Sauvignon Blanc rather than popcorn and coke

2. You think Shia LaBeouf is something you order in a French restaurant

3. You know that when you see the name Ingmar Bergman it's not a spelling mistake

4. You simply adore the work of Wes Anderson

5. You've no idea who or what Channing Tatum is but you know you don't like it

6. You believe that Michael Bay is a greater threat to civilization than nuclear winter

7. You're willing to argue that Steven Spielberg hasn't made a good movie since Duel in 1971

8. Even though you've watched it 6 times you still claim not to like Titanic

9. You insist on pointing out the 'glaring' historical inaccuracies in Braveheart

10. One of your favorite facts is that Blade Runner was based on a novel called Do Androids Dream of Electric Sheep

11. You stubbornly sat through the whole of Das Boot even though you didn't like it and then told everyone you did

12. You bought Citizen Kane for your dvd collection but have never actually seen it all the way through

13. You think 3D movies are for children and people who think Coppola is an ice cream flavour

14. You try to have an opinion about 'new wave' even though you thought it was a deodorant brand to begin with

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