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    Posted on Jul 22, 2016

    17 Weird And Wonderful Things About Living In Sheffield

    It's given the world Pulp, The Full Monty, and a hell of lot of steel, but there's plenty more to love about the city.

    1. You've learned to love and respect the trams.

    Flickr: susan_g / Creative Commons / Twitter: @emillyboyle

    Despite the fact they've nearly claimed your life on West Street several times.

    2. You spend half your life completely lost in Meadowhall shopping centre wondering if you'll ever see daylight again.

    Flickr: polandeze / Creative Commons / Miramax Films / BuzzFeed

    3. At least five pairs of your trainers have been ruined by the freakishly sticky floors in Corporation and Leadmill.

    Flickr: remydwd / Creative Commons

    But still you can't wait to go back and destroy your new Vans.

    4. It's home to two of the UK's best student unions: Uni and Hallam.

    Flickr: 77850304@N04 / Creative Commons

    Which means double the fun...and double the hangover.

    5. You can't get your head around the existence of Sheffield ski village.

    6. You’ve witnessed what happens when a mischievous child with washing-up liquid finds the water fountains.

    7. You won't find better hangover food anywhere else in the world.

    8. At least half of your wardrobe was purchased in the consistently amazing vintage clothes shops on the high street.

    9. You understand that the train station is, essentially, a work of art.

    Flickr: kpc1975 / Creative Commons

    Don't feel bad that you jumped in the water when you were merry. We've all done it.

    10. Tramlines is the easiest festival to get to in history.

    Flickr: shanerounce / Creative Commons

    Camping? Nah, you're alright.

    11. Every night out ends with you devouring cheesy chips that were almost worth the 4,000 calories.

    Flickr: isriya

    "Ketchup AND mayo please."

    12. There are so many parks, you'll definitely find one that meets your needs. / Via

    There's West Park, Endcliffe Park, Crookes Park, Firth Park, and Graves Park. If that's not enough, the Peak District is just a stone's throw from the city.

    13. Not to mention the Peace Gardens/Winter Gardens.

    14. You will see the Arctic Monkeys on a night out, and they WILL ignore you when you approach them.

    But you still love 'em.

    15. The slang is "reyt good".

    Flickr: defaultpics / Creative Commons / Daniel Dalton / BuzzFeed

    16. The fireworks at After Dark, Don Valley are so cracking they'd put Katy Perry to shame.

    17. And finally, you're proud that Sheffield regularly gets voted the happiest place to live in the UK.

    Flickr: 17989497@N00 / Creative Commons /

    Which baffles everyone... except the people who live there, of course.

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