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    The Confessions of An A-Grade Student

    Being a hostage to the image of a perfect student can teach you the most important lesson in life - be who you want to be, not who society dictates you to be.

    The Confessions of An A-Grade Student

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    “Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.”
    ― Aristotle

    “If you don’t get good grades, you’re not getting into college! Do you think about your future at all?”

    You cannot begin to imagine how often this phrase was said in our household. I think my parents saw it as their personal quest to make sure that my GPA doesn’t drop below 3.7. Getting a B- on quiz was frowned upon and made our family dinners quite awkward, to say the least. In middle school, I tried my best to make sure I do not see that look of disappointment on my dad’s face.

    Not a single B.

    That’s how I finished 8th grade. I was an honors student, I had perfect grades, I played tennis and, shockingly, I had time for my friends. Even though everything was going great, something was missing. Somewhere along the road, this peculiar feeling became my constant companion. My life was like a picture perfect template: everything was calculated and well-thought out. I felt like… I have no choice. No choice to pursue my passion, no choice but to be perfect.

    In high school life changed. Most subjects needed more attention and the amount of homework skyrocketed. In order to keep my GPA I ditched my friends and spent my weekends studying for tests and doing extra credit. When I became a sophomore, I realized that I do not have the time nor energy for sports. Tennis wasn’t a big thing in my law school of choice and since all of my efforts were towards getting accepted to it, I stopped spending my time on that. The only books that I read, were those that I needed for studying. The only activities that I did, were those that I needed for getting accepted. My parents were so proud of me. But this person wasn’t me.

    Don’t get me wrong, I thought I was doing pretty good, I thought that I had everything figured out. At some point at law school, I understood that I didn’t feel any satisfaction. At all. This is when the questions started to emerge:

    Am I following my dreams or the dreams of my parents?
    Am I really a lawyer?
    Do I want to do this for the rest of my life ?
    Will life always be this tedious?

    I snapped and couldn’t take it anymore and it was time for a change. Ditching law school was not an option, because my parents were still in the picture. I wanted to do something completely different and learn programming. I always felt passionate about technology, computers and engineering, but somehow I never gave it a shot. I was in desperate need of help and this is when EduButlers stepped into the game. I was trying to balance law school, learning programming and part-time job, so these guys really became of great help.

    The modern world is full of endless opportunities, all that’s left for you to do is seize the one that is yours.

    The point I was trying to make here is don’t live someone else’s life. If you don’t like it, ditch it. If you’re passionate about it, pursue it. Feel overwhelmed? Get some help. Don’t over complicate your life, you are only a human and it is your right to live the life you want.