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  • Educomp Solutions Concludes Sale Of Its Entire 50% Stake In Eurokids International

    Educomp Solutions, the country’s largest education company, has completed the sale of its entire 50% stake in Eurokids International to a group of investors led by GPE India. Educomp had finalized the stake sale on January 08, 2013. The transaction has been completed after meeting the customary conditions precedents. Educomp has made 3x its original investment in Eurokids and has created significant value for its shareholders by making a profit of approximately Rs 70 crore on this investment. Besides, the completion of the Eurokids transaction is the second milestone in the company’s asset monetization strategy. The proceeds from the transaction will be ploughed back into the company’s core businesses as well as used to de-lever its balance sheet. Educomp Solution provides learning solutions to schools, governments, teachers, students and parents. It has research and development center located at Noida that creates quality products and services. The solution is based on education principles that help them to design education systems.

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