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    • edm20

      Most people who ridicule teachers could not last one week as a teacher. Teachers compensate for the failure of so many other institutions when it comes to nurturing children. A society that denigrates teachers is one that does not value its future or understand its past. A good teacher plans all the time and brings the job of teaching everywhere. It is a psychological obsession because it is a human service. Any profession that deals with the care of others, intellectually, physically, or mentally, is a life calling and not a job. Most people cannot do it; those who ridicule it miss the whole point of it.

    • edm20

      Andy Partridge of the great British band XTC wrote a song called “The Reign of Blows,” and it has the line in it, “Far too many men dressed up as soldiers.” You can see this dynamic everywhere there is a kind paralyzing social mindlessness—with neo-Nazi skinheads, para military cults, social militias, ultra-right wing gangs, and those who cannot think for themselves and yield to the approval of the lowest context of group think. It’s usually men, suggesting a deteriorating irrelevance in our evolution as thoughtful members of society. The saddest fact is that such blatant homophobia represents within the homophobic corrosive sexual repression that is dangerous to the homophobe in terms of his own blurred sexual identity and to those who will be eventually victimized by his sexual confusion.

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