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8 Reasons To Vote In The Student Elections!

Student elections are boring? Far from it! They are actually much more direct, personal and effective than national elections! Check out our 8 reasons to vote in the upcoming elections! #EdVote2017

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1. They represent your rights and interests.


You are all students – and your student reps are here for you. Whether you have experienced harassment, you think a lecturer has treated you unfairly or you want more vegan options around campus – your student reps are the ones that will help you! They might even dance for you ... #VoteForPedro

2. They make you understand national politics.


Student politics are basically national politics in a smaller version. Understanding and keeping up with student politics will help you to comprehend what’s going on in the higher levels as well!

3. They improve your student experience.


The university wants you to have an amazing experience here. But they can only know what YOU want if you have people campaigning on your behalf! Student reps will give their best to make your student experience as wonderful as possible.

4. They are more personal and direct than general elections.


Politics are so far away und impersonal? Not student politics! You can approach your reps to have a chat, see what they thinking about pressing issues, and suggest campaigns to them. They are students - just like you.

5. You get free PIZZA!


If democracy isn’t a strong enough argument, maybe pizza can convince you? We will give out pizza around campus on the first day of voting to encourage you to have your voice heard … just swallow first!

6. Your vote REALLY matters.


Many people don’t think their vote matters. And while rarely single votes make a difference in general elections, they really do in student elections! It’s less people voting, so YOUR vote could actually change the outcome! So better vote for the person that represents your interests!

7. They are part of an impressive legacy.


Student politics have an exciting history – whether 1968 or 2010, students have always been at the forefront of social change. To continue this legacy and further press for progressive policies, we need student reps that reflect our students’ interests.

8. You can reward yourself with a beer or cocktail at Teviot after!


After all the voting you might be a bit thirsty … so reward yourself for strengthening democracy with a cool beer or a delicious cocktail at Teviot! You earned it!

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