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    11 Foods You're Missing Out On In Washington Heights And Inwood

    There’s no shortage of tacos or tamales in New York, but when’s the last time you had a heaping plate of mangu or a slice of bizcocho Dominicano? For a full self-guided food and historical tour of Washington Heights and Inwood, click here.

    1. Dominican Sushi from MamaSushi

    myri_liz / Via

    MamaSushi stuffs their rice and seaweed with Dominican specialties like sweet plantains, tamarind sauce and Chimi burger.

    2. Magaly Chicharrones

    Clay Williams / Via

    At this small cart on corner of 182nd Street and St. Nick, you can get a heaping pile of chicharrones (fried pork rinds) served alongside boiled yucca and topped with a lemon wedge.

    3. Cuatro Golpes from Malecon

    Clay Williams / Via

    Mangu (boiled green plantains, mashed) served with four sides – huevos (fried eggs), salchichon (Dominican salami), longaniza (Spanish sausage) and queso frito (the best fried cheese you will ever have).

    4. Cuban Sandwich at La Floridita

    Uptown Collective / Via

    La Floridita has plenty of sandwich options, but you must order their traditional Cuban: Ham, Swiss cheese, roast pork, pickles, mustard and mojito sauce on Cuban bread.

    5. Pastelitos de Guayaba from Esmeraldo Bakery

    Clay Williams / Via

    These flaky puff pastries are filled with guava paste with or without cheese. Wash 'em down with a cup of avena, a warm oatmeal drink made with cinnamon.

    6. Habichuelas Con Dulce

    Yuleiquis_19 / Via

    Stop at any of the habichuelas con dulce carts near 182nd and St. Nick, and for a dollar, you’ll get a cup of this sweet soup made of red beans, milk, and warm spices like cinnamon, nutmeg and cloves.

    7. Steak "Frites" From Rusty Mackerel / Via Chef Mac, Rusty Mackerel

    This gorgeous plate of grass-fed New York strip steak is served with bernaise sauce, pickled red onion, charred onion cups, spring onions and yucca fries instead of traditional French fries.

    8. Tres Leches from Bizcocho de Colores

    Elizabeth Lietzell / Via

    To the heavy cream, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk in a traditional tres leches, Bizcocho de Colores adds whipped cream, rum and vanilla to create an intense, pudding-like cake.

    9. Tostones and Maduros at El Lina

    Arden Finn / Via

    The tostones (savory twice-fried green plantains) and maduros (sweet fried yellow plantains) go down easy with a Presidente (Dominican beer) and a café con leche.

    10. Roast Chicken from Malecon

    Clay Williams / Via

    They call themselves “El Rey De Pollo" - The King of Chicken - for a reason. Roasted low and slow on a spit, the chicken is garlicky and juicy, with the skin cooked to perfection.

    11. Mofongo de Longaniza from La Casa Del Mofongo

    Via Facebook: lacasadelmonfongo

    La Casa Del Mofongo has dozens of varieties of mofongo on the menu - everything from lobster to guacamole - but this one is served with longaniza, deep-fried Spanish sausage.