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    You're Not Alone, We All Did These 12 Things As A Kid

    Who can relate?

    1. Hung out at these electrical boxes

    Vavlt / Getty Images

    2. Took off all the paper on your crayons

    Hyderabadi / Getty Images

    3. Slid your finger between the bricks of this wall

    Max-kegfire / Getty Images

    4. Tried to spin as fast as possible on these to see if you would fall off

    Vav63 / Getty Images

    But then you stopped because you didn't want to fall off...

    5. Burned your skin sliding down one of these

    Getty Images

    6. Or got shocked on one of these

    Madison Muskopf / Getty Images

    And let's not forget those who peed down these slides as well.

    7. Destroyed your fingers on the monkey bars

    Soulmemoria / Getty Images

    8. Used caps to take shots of water

    Richard Villalonundefined Undefi / Getty Images

    9. Talked into fans just to listen to yourself

    Somemeans / Getty Images

    10. Sharpened your pencil as low as possible and tried to use it in class

    Talipcubukcu / Getty Images

    11. Smoked clouds of air whenever it was cold

    Viacheslav Peretiatko / Getty Images

    12. Pulled out tickets or coupons and tried to use them as currency

    Tproduction / Getty Images