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    • edgardog

      my dear pepe mujica was a tupamaro since 1962 killing and robbing banks destabilazing a demnocratic country in 1973 we had a military dictatorship because of people like him, know he is old and plays the card of the granpa he was one of the commaders of the tupamaros when they decided to kill pascuasio baez mena a rural worker that had the misfortune to step imtop a tupamaro hideout while workimg on the fields if you are going to read history read it all pepe mujioca is no mandela nor gandhi he atack the democracy in his communist frenesi in the 60´s in a country CHE GURVATA saod making the revolution was ctazy because we had social laws more advanced at the time then europe and of course than the US better you read the real history not what they are saying now if not you just repeat lies and dishonour our dead and he killed a few himself unarmed and by the back thay is your hero

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