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The Beatles Sang About Getting Laid At Least 20 Times

If you think The Rolling Stones were the bad boys of the 1960s, think again.

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1. "Penny Lane"


"We put in a joke or two. 'A four of fish and finger pie'. The women would never dare say that, except to themselves. Most people wouldn't hear it, but 'finger pie' is just a nice little joke for the Liverpool lads who like a bit of smut." - Paul McCartney.

6. "Why Don’t We Do It In The Road?"


"I was up on a flat roof meditating and I'd see a troupe of monkeys walking along and a male monkey just hopped on the back of this female and gave her one, as they say in the vernacular. Within two or three seconds he hopped off again and looked around as if to say, 'It wasn't me'. She looked around as if there'd been some mild disturbance. I thought, 'That's how simple the act of procreation is'. We have horrendous problems with it, and yet animals don't." - Paul McCartney.

10. "Come Together"


"I don't know who made the golden rule that sex and love have to go together. I've enjoyed love without sex, and sex without love, and they quite often 'Come Together', but quite often they don't." - John Lennon.

19. "Please Please Me"


"I was always intrigued by the double use of the word 'please'." - John Lennon.

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