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8 Signs You're Dating A Dental Student

What do you call a dentist who doesn’t like tea? Denis.

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1. You no longer resent your brace face days.


They obviously wouldn't love you as much if you didn't have straight teeth.

2. Flossing becomes a major event in your house.


You're lying to yourself if you think that you're going to get away without it.

3. Your house is filled with model teeth.


Although, none of your guests care because they're all dental students, too.

4. You never worry when they come home late or stay out for hours at a time.


They're definitely not cheating on you, unless it's with a textbook.

5. You will always have an endless supply of toothbrushes and floss.


You'll never say "I forgot my toothbrush" again.

6. You never have to go to the dentist because you live with one.


Trust me, it IS as scary as it sounds.

7. They work 10+ hours a day.


Even though they wont be making a salary for at least 3 more years.

8. When you clink glasses to say cheers and he looks at your teeth instead of your eyes.


They never cared about you anyways.

Created By: Eden Fried

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