Meet Eddie Russell Money or sometime as he prefers ‘Eduardo Dinero’, a grateful rescue half pug/ half beagle with an underbite, green eyes that make the ladies swoon and sounds like Rod Stewart when he barks thanks to whatever asshole that tried to de-bark him before he escaped. Try not to smile when you see him! IMPOSSIBLE!!! He has a blog, no-big-deal, if you like what you see and want more: http://eddie-russell-money.tumblr.com/

1. “When you first arrive at your new home take some time for reflecting..”

thought bubble: “champagne wishes and caviar dreams”

2. “Find other rescues whom you can relate with, it will help you get used to your new life”

3. “Even though inside you are REALLY excited… work on your game face, this is when I like to go by my alias: Eduardo Dinero, it’s spanish for Eddie Money”

4. “Don’t worry if while in the car the roof opens up, it is Uhhhhh-Maziing! You get to sunbathe and get a nice breeze at the SAME time!”

first sunroof experience.

5. “Mondays”

6. “You may get some clothes…. simple rule I like to follow: “Mixing argyle sweater with studs and van halen pin= acceptable dog clothing” It’s a fine line.”

7. “I like to get my Al Bundy on every once and awhile, it’s important to relax.”

8. “be careful what you wish for” -it was a little too hot outside for that hike.

9. “it’s okay to go to sleep, this isn’t a dream!”

“you’re getting very sleepy…..”

10. “Important to find a partner in crime aka BFF”

“true friends will always have your back”

11. ” Dog Park, side effects may include: euphoric feeling”

12. “Play it cool at the dog park, there will be quite a few ladies to flirt with”

13. “you want a piece of me??”

know how to get their attention.

14. “Get plenty of sleep, no one likes a grumpy pup”

15. “Rainy days SUCK.”

16. “Find some indoor activities you enjoy when it’s raining, I like yoga”

17. “No joke, you get a human pillow!!”

18. “contain yourself, when out at a cafe for example, people watching is great just try not to bark at everyone and everything this will get you treats, I promise!”

19. “this is VERY important to master, when you want attention or playtime just pull your ears way back and get those eyes going… works EVERY time.”

20. Nanananana! want more? http://eddie-russell-money.tumblr.com/

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