Ed Chang
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    • Ed Chang

      Oh! The table’s seems to now turn-Makes Mr. Lee Squirm A dishonest man, this Mathhew Russell Lee.
      He will write anything on anyone for a fee.
      He calls his journal Inner City Press
      All it just produces, is a lot of toxic mess. The recent article on BuzzFeed
      Has put the spot light on him indeed
      He blames the UNCA for his fate,
      Pouring on them scorn and hate The pictures of his office are so disgusting,
      It really needs some serious disinfecting.
      Does all the trash he accumulates,
      Inspire the articles he creates? He is full of rubbish and empty talk
      He is totally obsessed with Pamela Falk
      His daily rants about her so out of order
      He seems to have a serious psychotic disorder Hiding behind the second amendment,
      Concealing his funding sources and secondments,
      A liar and a coward,
      He even claimed he went to Harvard. He continues to maintain
      He is not really, “insane”
      Everything he writes is vindictive and bad,
      Matthew Russell Lee is stark raving mad.

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