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    How One Drunken, Chaotic Meeting Shaped Western Capitalism

    The Bretton Woods conference may have happened 70 years ago but it was the most important agreement in economic history. And we're still living out its consequences today. Here are 15 reasons why you should care.

    1. It helped prevent World War Three

    2. It all took place in a surreal Shining-style hotel in the middle of nowhere

    3. There were international celebrities

    4. There were fights

    5. There were late nights

    6. There was dancing and cavorting

    7. The war was still raging

    8. One delegate came straight from a POW camp

    9. Keynes nearly died

    10. Harry Dexter White was being very shady indeed

    11. It changed the world economy forever

    12. It led to stronger growth, while it lasted...

    13. ...and more economic/financial stability

    14. But since the 1970s we've been forgetting many of the lessons from Bretton Woods

    15. It wasn't all work, work, work

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