Squishy, Yet Crisp!

Pile summer berries onto a plush pavlova! Cornstarch is the secret to a meringue that’s crisp on the outside and tender within. Whip up a meal strewn with fresh berries, crowned by this stunner of a summer dessert this weekend! (image courtesy of The Shifted Librarian)

1. Blackberry-Gin Fizz

A hint of lime perks up the dark recesses of blackberry juice, while gin brings out its flowery perfume.

2. Gazpacho

Now that fresh, seasonal tomatoes (which are, in fact, berries) are finally loading up, you’d better make as much and as many variations on this chilled soup as you can!

3. Arugula Salad with Nectarines & Fresh Raspberry Vinaigrette

Raspberries are a natural pairing with any stone fruit & bottled dressings have nothing on this one with freshly mashed fruit.

4. Grilled Chicken & Polenta with Nectarine-Blackberry Salsa

Make the most of summer fruit by spilling it over charred meats in a wonderfully acidic salsa with lime and cilantro.

5. Raspberry Buttermilk Sherbet

Fruity, tangy and supremely creamy, this is the perfect summer refreshment, made sophisticated with a dusting of cracked black pepper.

6. Pavlova with Fresh Berries

Marshmallowy on the inside and crisp without, pavlova is layered with freshly whipped cream (or curd or custard or other things lush) and delicate seasonal fruit—in this case perfect, brightly acidic berries.

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