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Remarkable Raspberries

Reap the most antioxidant benefit from raspberries by buying them organic and fully ripe. Keep refrigerated and eat within a day or two. (image courtesy of Dexter Mixwith)

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Raspberry & Blue Cheese Salad


Sweet-tart raspberries pair beautifully with salty (almost briny) blue cheese. Brought together with toasty pecans and a Dijon vinaigrette, it's an easily assembled salad that will brighten up your afternoon.

Plum, Raspberry & Tarragon Soup


A wonderfully light dessert soup, this would be the perfect ending to a meal of grilled pork. (Although we must say we find it even better when it serves as a sea for an island of vanilla ice cream!)

Salt-kissed Buttermilk Cake


A dusting of sugar and salt across the top forms a craggy crusty barely-there layer than gently shatters as you bite into the tender, tart cake. Better yet, it's easily adaptable to whatever fruit you have on hand!

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