Remarkable Raspberries

Reap the most antioxidant benefit from raspberries by buying them organic and fully ripe. Keep refrigerated and eat within a day or two. (image courtesy of Dexter Mixwith)

1. Raspberry Peach Smoothie

Feeling guilty after all those milkshakes? Frozen fruit makes an instant chilly treat with a healthier kick.

2. Raspberry Breakfast Bars

Pack these up for an easy campground breakfast or stash them in tins or Chinese take-out containers to hand out to dinner party guests as they leave.

3. Raspberry & Blue Cheese Salad

Sweet-tart raspberries pair beautifully with salty (almost briny) blue cheese. Brought together with toasty pecans and a Dijon vinaigrette, it’s an easily assembled salad that will brighten up your afternoon.

4. Plum, Raspberry & Tarragon Soup

A wonderfully light dessert soup, this would be the perfect ending to a meal of grilled pork. (Although we must say we find it even better when it serves as a sea for an island of vanilla ice cream!)

5. Salt-kissed Buttermilk Cake

A dusting of sugar and salt across the top forms a craggy crusty barely-there layer than gently shatters as you bite into the tender, tart cake. Better yet, it’s easily adaptable to whatever fruit you have on hand!

6. Framboise Lambic Beer Sorbetto

Puree them into a luscious besotted sorbet!

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