Okra Is OK!

Look past okra’s slime to improve your vision! It’s unusually rich in vitamin A and other sight-enhancing antioxidants for a green vegetable.

1. Pickled Okra

Look beyond cukes for an outstanding sandwich garnish or anytime nibble.

2. Pan-Roasted Corn & Okra

Okra adds real body to this vegan salad, making it a satisfying side dish for the weekend barbecue.

3. Okra in Yogurt

Thickened with chickpea flour, this curry is both vegetarian & gluten-free. Enjoy with a scoop of rice or (GF) flatbread!

4. Indian Spice-Stuffed Okra

Season from the inside by packing tender stalks of okra with a punch of flavor via this recipe from Madhur Jaffrey. An easy saute brings it together - spill them next to a grilled steak for a late summer cook-out.

5. Fresh Corn Saute with Tomatoes, Squash & Fried Okra

The okra here is the one of real Southern home cooks: barely breaded, slices undergo a quick, shallow pan fry. They’re then set aside while the remaining ingredients are prepared in the same pan. Tossed together at the end, it’s a satisfying one dish vegetarian dinner.

6. Paul Qui’s Pakbet / Pinakbet / Filipino Vegetable Stew

Little more than pork belly, shrimp paste and vegetables, this one pot meal is a Paleo dieter’s dream.

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