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Ain't No Party Like A Tiki Party

Kick back with a balmy tiki cocktail! Orgeat, a rich almond syrup kissed with orange flower water, underpins their sumptuous, exotic flavor. Unfurl the paper umbrellas this weekend for a tiki-inspired dinner party! (image courtesy of Achim Schleuning)

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Essential to tiki cocktails, start by making your very own orgeat (pronounced OR-zha). If you can't find the orange flower water, slip in a large strip of orange peel to steep alongside the almonds after pulling them from the heat.

Cold Watermelon Soup


Tinged with hot sauce and sea salt, this soup retains it's sweet watermelon nature. Since chervil is rarely found at common markets, any mix of tarragon, parsley & mint would be an appropriate garnish.

Edamame Salad with Shiso & Meyer Lemon Vinaigrette


Look for edamame in the frozen foods section of your market & then spill this salad alongside all the meats you're grilling & cart it to all the picnics you attend for the rest of the season.

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