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A Vermouth Of A Different Color

Gird yourself against the chill in the air with tender white vermouth! Not to be confused with dry vermouth, it's plush, floral and fruity. (image via sergis blog)

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Telegraph's Brownsville Girl


Start the weekend with a cocktail made for whisking you into autumn. Made with Calvados and white vermouth, it's fruity & floral with an herbal tartness brought on by lemon and celery bitters.

Then sit down to a meal that incorporates the rest of this week's Daily Morsels!

Fennel & Turnip Crudite


Since they're served raw, choose the most bulbous fennel and the smallest turnips for the best flavor. In both respects you'll end up with sweeter vegetables that have a more pleasant bite.

Mixed Autumn Greens with Figs, Fennel, Walnuts & Blue Cheese with Honey Vinaigrette


Tender greens are the backdrop for a veritable pantheon of fall flavors which meld together seamlessly for an afternoon of bliss.

Farro & Roasted Butternut Squash


Another great autumn side dish, the best thing about farro salad is that it gets better as it sits (which means you can either make it ahead, make extra for tomorrow's lunch--or both!).

Braised Pork Chops & Fennel


Given a hard sear and then quickly braised in a bath of vermouth and caramelized fennel, these chops pick up some wonderful flavor; it's own exchanged to create a rich sauce finished with brightening mustard and lemon!

Fig & Port Gelato


There's still time to indulge in creamy gelato (the mercury is rising this weekend, in case you hadn't noticed.) This one has a decidedly cool weather bent though, featuring earthy sweet figs, plumped and caramelized in complex & juicy port wine.

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