A Tastier Tomato!

Opt for organic tomatoes! Not only do they generally taste better, but they also pack more antioxidants than conventionally grown tomatoes.

1. Virgin Grilled Tomato Bloody Maria

Peak season tomatoes are so good, perhaps you don’t want to dilute them with things like alcohol…then again, maybe you do?? Either way, this spiced, smoky classic is easily adjusted with a splash of vodka, gin or tequilla.

2. Spicy Tomato Peach Jam

We want this summery jam on cheeseboards. We want it on turkey sandwiches. We want it mixed into salad dressing. We want it with nothing but a spoon. Summer, don’t leave us!

3. Summer Pasta alla Caprese

Dice flavorful tomatoes into a summery no-cook pasta sauce!

4. Beefsteak Tomato Salad

Perfect summer tomatoes need little for improvement, but the briny punch of capers and bite of shallot vinaigrette certainly don’t hurt.

5. Sea Bass with Cherry Tomatoes

For the easiest dinner party imaginable, serve this dish family style with plenty of crusty bread to soak up the herby, olive-oil tinged tomato juices from the bottom of the casserole.

6. Bloody Mary Ice Pops

Forget shaken or stirred, take your brunch cocktail frozen!

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