A Sustainably Salty Sailor

Net some fresh sardines while they’re in season! They’re a superior and sustainable source of heart-healthy omega 3s and vitamin B12.

1. Lemony Sardine Pate

An elegant hors d’oeuvres in seconds!? Keep a few pantry staples on hand to whip up this bright, full-flavored spread anytime it’s needed!

2. Marinated Fresh Sardines

Pickle sardines on a raft of vegetables for an easy first course, or set a few on a bed of dressed lettuce for lunch!

3. Grilled Sardine, Tomato & Mint Bruschetta

Add a briny bite to bruschetta!

4. Sardine Skewers

Skewer them and grill in a cloak of herbed breadcrumbs!

5. Stuffed Sardines in Grape Leaves

Grape leaves hold in a stuffing of rice, pignoli & plenty of herbs, which soaks up tons of flavor from its sardine hideaway!

6. Zakary Pelaccio’s Pasta Con Sarde

With notes of anise, sweet raisins (we recommend golden), and buttery pine nuts enrobed by tomatoes and plenty of umami punch, this pasta tastes at once familiar & altogether exotic.

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