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A Spring Luncheon

Sail from May into June with a pretty late spring luncheon!

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4. Poached Salmon with Cucumber, Cress & Caper Sauce


Poach a whole salmon (always impressive) and garland it with ribbons of English cucumber and peppery cress. A sauce of sour cream, cucumber, cress and capers adds a burst of rich tang.

5. Teeny-Tiny New Potatoes with Lemon


Find the teeniest spring potatoes you can muster, then roast them dutifully with plenty of salt & pepper. Once shriveled and buttery-soft, toss quickly with lemon zest and juice, then spill into a bowl to be served family-style.

6. Riesling Gelée with Strawberry Conserve


End on a fragrant note with wine glasses full of lightly aromatic riesling gelee, topped with a fresh compote of strawberries, riesling and honey. It’s the perfect dessert for this time of year when the roses and peonies are in bloom!

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