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A Horchata Of Another Color

Blend the seedy innards of a ripe cantaloupe into a refreshing horchata! Melony and slightly nutty, it's protein-packed and entirely vegan.

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Make a pitcher of Fany Gerson's version this weekend, and follow it up with a light but satisfying mid-summer meal!

Horchata de Melón (Cantaloupe Seed Drink)


Typically made from rice or tigernuts, Fany Gerson's refreshing horchata employs the pulpy, generally discarded centers of cantaloupe for a sensational summertime sipper.

Butter-Roasted Chicken with Cilantro & Mint


Among the herb & spice paste rubbed over this bird, the surprise here is fresh ginger. It provides a brightness perfect for summer; and is guaranteed to keep you coming back for another bite!

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