A Diminutive Green Giant!

Snap into a crisp green bean for a rich and diverse supply of antioxidants, more than in any similar member of the pea or bean family! (image courtesy of Mike Licht)

1. Summer Green Bean Salad

Toss blanched beans with cherry tomatoes, hazelnuts and gem lettuce, then dress it in a silky lemon-shallot-cream vinaigrette!

2. Charred Green Beans with Lemon Verbena Pesto

Miss Manners says that green beans are one of the few foods acceptably eaten with our hands. Time to play with your food!

3. Green Beans with Pancetta & Mint

Blanch green beans in milk to bring out their sweetness, then shower with pancetta & fresh herbs!

4. Green Bean & Carrot Thoran

Spoon thoran, a dish flecked with coconut and bolstered by Indian spices, over a mound of rice for a satisfying vegetarian dinner.

5. Green Beans with Garlic Black Bean Sauce

Another dish that comes together in minutes, just be sure to have all your mise en place before you get started with the actual cooking—it goes fast!

6. Tuna, Potato & Green Bean Salad

All of these components can be prepared ahead, say on the weekend, for easily assembled lunches throughout the week!

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