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    Going Back To School, As Told By Titus Andromedon

    It's that time of year again. Sigh.

    1. When you realize that summer's over:

    2. When you wanna wear that new sweater, but it's still hot as hell:

    3. When you forget you have an 8 a.m.:

    4. When you walk by a frat house the morning after a party:

    5. When you hand in that summer assignment three weeks late:

    6. When your roommate comes home hungry:

    7. When you realize it's Friday:

    8. When you find out the midterm counts for 50% of your grade:

    9. When you finally skim the SparkNotes for that book you were supposed to read:

    10. When your French teacher lets you ask questions in English:

    11. When you're straight-up stressing, but it's only the first day:

    12. When your TA is too hot to handle:

    13. When you realize the worksheet is double-sided:

    14. When you walk into Astronomy 101:

    15. When your professor says you need to work harder:

    16. When you bring that D up to a C+:

    17. When you have to eat in the dining hall alone:

    18. When you actually understand something:

    19. When the professor calls on you unexpectedly but you try to play it cool:

    20. When you miss one class and spend the whole week catching up:

    21. When you get an extension on an assignment:

    22. When your friends ditch you to study:

    23. When you find out class is cancelled:

    24. When your roommate walks in on you naked:

    25. When you're too turnt to function:

    26. When you just can't seem to lose that freshman 15:

    27. When you find out you passed calculus:

    28. When you meet someone new:

    29. And, finally, when you're not sure if you'll survive another school year and need divine intervention:

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