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    20 Things You Wanted To Do In High School But Never Did

    Thanks to John Hughes movies and '90s TV Shows, we all had high expectations for high school. But looking back on it, how much did the average kid actually accomplish?

    1. Play hooky like Ferris

    2. Run through the halls of your high school

    3. Look this good in gym

    4. Slushie someone

    5. Skip an assembly

    6. Dance like this at prom

    7. Have a food fight

    8. Make a phone call during class

    9. Get customized jackets for your friend group

    10. Tell a teacher off

    11. Have this much fun in your chorus class

    12. Scream when you passed an impossible test

    13. Say no to peer pressure

    14. Make a burn book

    15. Do something illegal on school property

    16. Beat someone up

    17. Have a flash mob at the pep rally

    18. Be cool

    19. Be as fabulous as Serena Van Der Woodsen


    So, what have you done?

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