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Renewable Power Services In Rural Villages

Instead of selling power to rural areas, offer renewable generated power services at affordable rates for the world's poor.

Parawing Wind Ship

A parawing ship uses hydraulic turbines to generate electricity, which electrolyzes seawater and produces hydrogen or methanol.

Chimney Generator

Dump heat waste from a building into a chimney...and power a turbine with the energy.

Sea Dam

Cheap, limitless hydroelectric energy from the world's biggest reservoir.

The Atomic Rave Engine

Power your car, home or office from simple technology used in atomic clocks.

Free Solar Power

Give solar investment money to homes with high energy bills, creating a self-funding finance vehicle.

Jetstream Wind Power

Redirect the wind power of upper-level flight streams to run Vertical-Shaft wind turbines.

Painted Power Lines

Replace power lines with lines under road paint, distributing the power grid more evenly.

Dry Ice Fuel

What if dry ice could power your car?

DIY Solar Panels

You can make these cheap and simple solar panels with only four components!

Resizable Fridge

A fridge with a variable capacity would limit the power wasted on an empty or half-full fridge.

Solar Paint

Get energy from all painted surfaces!

CO2 Battery

Change harmful emissions into useful energy. Any material is reusable!

Geothermal Energy For Subdivisions

Install community-scale energy systems in residential subdivisions--before homes are built--to reduce cost and home energy use.


Use piezoelectricity (a charge that accumulates in crystals under certain conditions) gathered from floor/sidewalk panels to power public lighting.

Gravity Electricity Generator

Generate electricity from gravity--with no waste material or gases produced.