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    Posted on Oct 1, 2017

    Why You Stressin'? We Got You Covered!

    By: Evelyne Mechas DISCLAIMER: The information contained in this video is strictly for entertainment purpose. The opinions in no way reflect the opinions of the University of Kentucky College of Arts and Sciences. Laughing, giggling, smiling, chuckling and snickering are highly encouraged.

    1. Didn't Get the Grade you Wanted?


    Check out the many tutoring services UK has for FREE!

    - The Study

    - Presentation U!

    -The MathSkeller

    - Biology, Physics, Chemistry tutoring


    -The Writing Center

    2. Need a Way to Channel out that Stress?


    Sometimes that stress builds inside of us and we need an outlet. The University of Kentucky has a FREE gym with classes and machines for all of your stress needs!

    3. Wanna Talk to Someone?


    Dealing with stress is something every college student struggles with and has to handle in a unique way. The University of Kentucky offers FREE Student Health counseling services for students. An appointment can be made on MYUK.

    4. Hard to Get Organized or Prepared?

    The Career Center at the University of Kentucky offers many services from helping you organize your planner, to creating a resume, and preparing for an interview. These are FREE services that students can use to prepare for classes or for the future. Appointments can be made on MYUK.

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