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16 Moments That Prove Dating In 2017 Is The Absolute Worst

They say love is just a swipe, click, or scroll away... right?

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1. Because in 2017, there's no such thing as beating around the bush.

TindrProbs / Via Twitter: @TindrProbs

2. No, Andrew. Not at all.

thetinderettes / Via

3. The new definition of hitting rock bottom.

pokercentral / Via

4. Like, did you actually think this was going to work? Really?

TindrProbs / Via Twitter: @TindrProbs

5. Preach to the choir, girl. Preach to the choir.

ninetiesginge / Via

6. If this hasn't happened to you yet, you just wait.

joedecicry / Via Twitter: @jodecicry

7. Honestly, whoever came up with this concept has got to go.

kaylajoi_ / Via Twitter: @kaylajoi_

8. What's not so nice is your game, sir.

MichelleStyle18 / Via Twitter: @MichelleStyle18

9. Got a hot date with the fridge tonight.

sarahshot2 / Via Twitter: @sarahshot2

10. When you're only into things with four legs...

oliveandpiper / Via Twitter: @oliveandpiper

11. If this is the best it gets, honestly, can we complain?

mitchisalive / Via Twitter: @mitchisalive

12. Nora, literally... what?

TindrProbs / Via Twitter: @TindrProbs

13. We need S'more people like this on Tinder.

TindrProbs / Via Twitter: @TindrProbs

14. The line between impressed and uncomfortable has officially been crossed.

escargotmycargo / Via

15. It ain't always just cute, ladies.

16. Maybe there is still hope we can find "the one?"

epic_catch / Via
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