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Izzie Stevens Has Bad Blood

Taylor Swift and Denny Duquette

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So we all know Taylor Swift is a Grey's Anatomy Fan as she named her cat Meredith, after Dr. Meredith Grey. While everyone speculates the song maybe about Katy Perry, there is reason to believe that the song could be about the traumatic incident on the medical drama where intern Izzie Stevens cut her paitent/lover's lvad wire in order to try and save his life. The lyrics perfectly correlate with what happened in the episode and the events that transpired. Let's take a look at the lyrics compared to the plot!

See how eerily similar that is? Forget about Katy Perry's subtweeting ass, this was inspired by a Shonda Rhimes classic plot twist. You're welcome world for solving this mystery, now all the pop queens can get along again.

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