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12 Reasons Why The Laundromat Is The Worst

Whether your washer and dryer set is on the fritz or you live without this exceptional clothes-cleaning technology, taking a trip to the laundromat is definitely a humbling, yet annoying, experience.

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1. There's a whole audience of people watching you clean your underwear


You feel the eyes of others looking at you as you toss your Victoria's Secret thong in the washer. They're scanning your lacy, leopard print bra. OMG YOUR PERIOD PANTIES JUST FELL ON THE FLOOR. HELP.


3. Trying to fold a sheet is a two person job. There's no room on the folding table to try to do it yourself so you drag it on the floor by accident. You fold and re-fold but the sheet is NEVER even


9. That ONE piece of clothing that comes out of the dryer damp despite the rest of the clothing being bone dry. You waste quarters trying to get it dry. It remains damp and you cry on the inside.

10. Sometimes the quarters don't go through so you have to press that button on the machine which gives it back to you over and over again. You've convinced yourself that state quarters don't fit the right way.

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