My name is Liz, I just graduated from Boston University with a degree in Psychology. I have a lot of thoughts.
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  • 6 Overwhelming Examples Of Food Lover Heaven

    Food is God’s greatest gift to mankind. You need it to live and while some food is better than others, all of it is just…wonderful. We usually eat just enough to satisfy ourselves, but occasionally we go to places where our eyes become 1,000x bigger than our stomachs. These places are so jam-packed with amazing food that it’s almost too good to be true.

  • What It’s Like To Found A Sorority Chapter

    So you’re on campus and you’re interested in joining an existing sorority. Or maybe you’re not. In any case, you still want to be involved with a group of people with whom you can network and just generally become best friends and watch Girl Code or whatever. You and your girl friends decide to do some research and find a sorority which doesn’t have a chapter at your school. Time to get the ball a’rollin’.

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