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    19 Times Tristan Proved He Was A Better Bad Boy For Rory Than Jess

    Too bad he had to leave for Tree Hill before he got to show his true potential.

    1. He rocked that Chilton uniform.

    2. Seriously.

    3. He immediately recognized that Rory was awesome.


    Even if he had an odd way of showing it at first.

    4. And despite her best efforts, she noticed him too.

    5. He dismantled cars and broke into safes.


    Although he was caught in both cases, and paid someone to do the actual dismantling of the car...

    6. Even when he was insulting Rory, he was intelligent about it.

    7. He tried so hard to get Rory's attention with his puns and his wit.

    8. He pushed Rory to stand up for herself and be assertive.


    Because while it was hilarious watching her stutter about "round cakes" to Dean, that relationship got old pretty fast.

    9. He showed he could be vulnerable when Summer broke up with him.

    10. His apology was very sincere.

    11. So. Much. Chemistry.

    12. The KISS.

    13. He agreed to be Rory's friend for a bit and it was adorable.

    14. He remembered little details like a band she liked.

    15. He worried about Rory, especially after the crying while kissing him debacle.

    16. He made a very convincing Romeo to Rory's Juliet.


    "Tristan was born to be Romeo" and antagonize Dean all at once.

    17. He wasn't afraid to throw it down with Dean.

    18. Richard approved.

    19. He made sure to say goodbye before he was shipped off to military school.

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