17 Reasons Ellen DeGeneres Would Be The Best Friend Ever

She’s basically the coolest person in the world.

1. She’d make a great wingwoman.

2. She would make every day as exciting as April Fool’s day.

Because pranks are second nature to her.

3. She could teach you how to find a style that is totally your own, just like she did.

Kevin Winter / Getty Images

Even in red velvet, her suit look stands true.

4. She’d help you stay fit (through the art of dance).

5. She would motivate you!

She doesn’t let her haters bring her down.

6. She tells it like it is.

Because you’d rather hear these hurtful things from a friend than a random anyways, right?

7. She would probably introduce you to all of her fabulous famous friends.

8. She stands up for what’s right.

Even Lord Voldemort doesn’t intimidate her.

9. She could help you become a star.

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

You probably wouldn’t become as famous as Sophia Grace and Rosie, but you’d still get some face time.

10. She’d take you to all the cool events she’s invited to.

And probably include you in all of her tweets/selfies from the night.

11. She’d give you lots of free make-up products because she’s a CoverGirl.

CoverGirl / Via bittenandbound.com

But you’d never feel self conscious around her because she’s clearly easy going about it.

12. She could teach you so many things because she knows so much.

Like how to speak “whale!”

13. She would help you brainstorm hilarious Halloween costumes!

Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

14. She would help you make the tough decisions.

Because clearly she ponders the hard questions just like everybody else.

15. She would help you perfect the art of humility.

While also not-so-subtly pointing out how amazing you are.

16. She’d come up with new games for you to play together.

Like her awesome app Heads Up!

17. If you hang out with her enough, her humor might rub off on you.

Honestly, she is just an amazing person who would make your life better.

Because she somehow incorporates humour into everything she does.

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