16 Reasons Mulan Is Actually A College Student

Mulan’s real legit. She saves China and all that. But she’s more relatable than you’d think.

1. She is given assignments that seem impossible.

2. But somehow always manages to finish them at the last minute.

3. Her friends talk to her about her love interests.

4. Her family embarrasses her in front of the opposite gender.

5. She has angsty moments.

6. She found a quirky, loveable group of friends.

That are unlike any of the friends she had at home.

7. She’s trying to figure out who she is.

8. She messes up the occasional interview.

9. She gets in trouble with authority figures.

10. And downright fails some assignments.

11. She finds herself in classes where she doesn’t entirely know what she is getting herself into.

12. She and her friends take part in the occasional “your mom” joke.

Disney / Via fapje.tumblr.com

13. She’s late for class and a general mess in the morning.

14. Communal Showers.

15. She has sprouts of determination.

Deciding to impersonate your father in the army…chugging some coffee and finishing the last 5 pages of your thesis, same diff.

16. She gets an award from an old man in charge at the end.

A diploma is the same as a Medal of Honor for saving China, right?

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