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16 Reasons Jess Was Perfect For Rory

The long-lived debate is over. Jess wins.

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1. He was real attractive.

Seriously, really really attractive.

2. He never gave up on her.

If this scene didn't give you chills, you watched it wrong.

3. He was related to Luke.

Who he clearly had a great relationship with.

4. He rocked a leather jacket like a BAMF.

5. While also somehow managing to pull off plaid flannel.

Almost as well as Luke.

6. He never stopped trying to be good enough for her.

And gave credit where credit was due.

7. They had a banging first kiss.

8. Which was just a sneak peek into their great chemistry.

9. To the point where they dated in real life.



10. He was critical of her when she wasn't living up to her full potential.

11. He wrote a book.

12. He was a bad boy.

But a smart one…that doesn’t happen often in life.

13. He read a lot.

And he read the especially important things.

14. He looked it up.

15. He worked hard to win her over.

16. He overcame a troubled past.

And while Jess was the best choice, it's fine that she ended up alone, because she had everything she needed.

And Rory had too bright of a future to settle down so soon anyway.

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