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    Posted on Jan 2, 2018

    Which Computer Class At EBPL Is Right For You?

    Want to take a technology training class at EBPL but not sure where you should start or where you should go from there? Use this quiz to determine which training path is right for you.

    East Brunswick Public Library
    1. How often do you use a computer?

    2. How proficient would you say you are with technology?

    3. For what purpose do you want to use the computer the most?

    4. Which technology tool interests you the most? Learning to...

    5. How familiar are you with a keyboard and mouse?

    6. How interested are you in productivity applications (ex. word processing, spreadsheets, & presentation software)?

    7. How fast can you type?

    8. Have you taken a computer class before?

    9. Are you currently looking for a job?

    10. What is your dream job?

    11. Are you interested in setting up a social media profile?

    12. When you have a question about something you...

    13. What do you use your email for the most?

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