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    My Boyfriend And I Are Obsessed With Trader Joe's — Here Are The 15 Things We Buy Most Often

    "We started buying it after watching a woman nearly clear the entire shelf of them. And let me tell you: She was on to something."

    Hi! I'm Eboné — and one embarrassing and specific fact about me is that I love seeing couples shop for groceries together, especially at Trader Joe's. (I also got lucky because my boyfriend loves Trader Joe's as much as I do.)

    The author and her boyfriend

    I love to share recommendations — and am always looking for new ones — so I rounded up several of our Trader Joe's staples that we buy each week, from snacks to dinners to drinks. If I missed any of your favorites, let me know in the comments!

    1. Seasoning Blends

    2. Baby Spinach

    Baby spinach

    3. Vegetable or Chicken Fried Rice

    Vegetable fried rice and chicken fried rice

    4. Pre-Marinated Meats

    5. Soyaki Marinade


    6. Wine


    7. Crispy Crunchy Chocolate Chip Cookies

    Chocolate chip cookies

    8. Chicken Sausage

    Chicken Sausage

    9. Chicken or Vegetable Gyoza


    10. Crushed Ginger and Garlic

    Frozen crushed ginger and garlic packages

    11. Jalapeño Limeade

    Bottle of Jalapeño limeade beverage

    12. Frozen Mac & Cheese

    Frozen mac and cheese

    13. Almond Butter Almonds

    Almond butter covered almonds

    14. Cookie Butter Ice Cream

    Cookie butter ice cream

    15. Fresh Cut Flowers

    Fresh cut flowers

    What are your favorite items at Trader Joe's? Tell me in the comments below!