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Do You Really Know What It Means To Be LCVP?

So you're elected to the Executive Board of your entity. Amazing! Congratulations for that! Leadership takes courage and you are the brave ones that accepted the challenge! But, really... Do you have any idea what it ACTUALLY means? Here are some things about EB life that you should be aware of!

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1. When you figure out your life is never going to be the same

You probably know by now that is impossible to be part of the EB and continue your life as you're just getting an extra job. When you are LCVP you are the final responsible for an entire area, and a lot of committment is needed to deliver all these leadership experiences your LC dreams about. You're responsible for other people's experiences, you must be a role model for them, and you need to learn a lot of stuff in a short period and then start teaching all these things.. So, yeah, your life is never going to be the same. You will discover you are capable of doing even more that you thought you could ever do in life.

2. When you write down your TO DO list

"Well, now that I'm a leader I can just tell people what to do right?" WROONGGG! You will wish your day had more than 24 hours and you'll see that no matter how much you work, there will always be more to do! (But it will also make you feel so important and useful to the world that once you finish your term you're going to miss this infinite to do list <3)

3. When you're not sure if your members are giving excuses or telling you the truth

4. When you open your Facebook and you have 20 notifications

5. But they are all from AIESEC...

6. "Me in the EB Meeting x Me in the EB Meeting picture on Instagram"

7. When your sugar cube is full after a conference (because you are LCVP now!!)


9. "Me imagining myself leaving AIESEC"

10. When people apply to be your successor

11. EB Life in one gif

12. Just kidding! I would say this one describes it better... :)

13. But in the end... You are going to feel like that!

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