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10 Reasons Why The Secret Sisters Should Be Your New Favorite Country Duo

These two singers from Alabama will steal the show and your heart.

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1. They're Actually Sisters.

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Milky Tea Kid, 2011 / Via

and draw their inspiration from other family duos - like the Everley Brothers and Frank and Nancy Sinatra. Their sibling harmonies are close, tight, and learned from the best.

3. They capture the American Small Town Experience.

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yugmrala, 2010 / Via

by singing about real places, like Iuka Mississippi and St. Paul Minnesota.

6. They learned how to sing by listening to country and gospel classics.

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Gerard Forde, 2011 / Via

and bring new life to country favorites like Hank Willams's "Cheatin' Heart."

8. They push limits.

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The Secret Sisters, 2014 / Via

They add a country twang to Pete Seger songs and get down with the Bo Diddly rockabilly tune "Rattle My Bones."

10. They write their own music.

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thesecretsisters, 2013 / Via

All twelve tracks off their second album, Put Your Needle Down, were written or co-written by the Secret Sisters.

Want to know more? Check out their blog!

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